PayPal Subscription


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  1. Create a PayPal account at
    • Although not required, it may be wise to upgrade your account to "Premier" status and get "Verified".


  1. Set the encoding to UTF-8.
    • Go to Account Settings > PRODUCTS & SERVICES > Website Payments > 
    • PayPal button language encoding
    • Make sure you have your website's language set to Western European Languages
    • Click the "More Options" button
    • Set encoding to "UTF-8" and let the same encoding be used for IPN, too.


  • . PayPal Email Address
The first setting is your PayPal email address. This is the address associated with your PayPal account.
PayPal Identity Token
1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Hover over the cog in the upper right corner of the screen and select Account Settings
3. Under the Products & Services heading, click on Website payments on the left side of the screen
4. Click the Update link next to Website Preferences
5. Set Auto Return to On
6. For the return URL, enter your webpage URL.
7. In Payment Data Transfer, click the On option.
8. Click Save.
Enable instant payment notifications (IPN)
  • Go to Profile > Profile and settings > My selling tools > Getting paid and managing my risk > Instant payment notifications > Update
  • Turn IPN on and set the notification URL to your site's url/moodle/local/membership/payment/ipn.php
  • (so it reads for example like 
PayPal can provide more details, but as a high-level overview you will:
  1. Create "sandbox" accounts that are used for testing. At least one "BUSINESS" account is needed, and one "PERSONAL" account is needed, to represent both sides of a pretend transaction.
  2. These sandbox accounts will be registered/associated with the developer account for your REAL PayPal business account.
  3. When testing, in addition to the configuration flag above, remember to use the "BUSINESS" type sandbox account email address in the "PayPal business email" field in the PayPal plugin settings page. Do this instead of using your REAL business email address. Failure to use the pretend business account will result in an error message.






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Please put these items in here on your Moodle :
Custom menu items
get started navigate to the Theme Settings page of your Moodle (not your particular settings page but the theme settings page).

custom menu

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Copy the the lines mentioned above and Click save changes.