Easy Moodle student sign up plugin

  • Allow your student to register super-fast
  • No need to enter tons of details during Sign up
  • Tested success in hundreds of Moodle sites.
  • Lifetime license
  • Compatible with all stable versions of Moodle.
  • Don’t lose a potential student
Easy Moodle Student sign Up Plugin

Fast registration possible in Moodle?

We have heard this question millions of times. This forced us to think deeply and try to do something to help the Moodle webmasters. The solution that we come up with is EASY MOODLE STUDENT SIGN UP PLUGIN. 

It is a simple plug and play plugin for Moodle. Just install and enable and run your Moodle site worry-free. 

Students will just need to choose their password during signing up or registration. That’s it. Their usernames are randomly selected. If they want, they can change them from Moodle later. At least, they do not have to go through a long process of entering unnecessary data in the sign-up form. Less the steps, less the chance of losing a student. 

After installing the plugin, please go to 

Manage authentication

  • Administration>
  • Plugins
  • >Authentication
  • >Manage authentication
Enable it by opening the eye of the plugin.


Now go to common settings in Auth:

Select the plugin as default method of sign up.

Click save changes and your site is ready.