Stripe Subscription plugin for Moodle

Stripe Subscription plugin for Moodle
Stripe Subscription plugin for Moodle

Offer an Easy monthly and yearly Subscription plan


Only Stripe Subscription plugin for Moodle gives you wings. Now you can happily offer monthly or yearly subscription option to your students. They no longer need to pay the entire fee at One Go.

Stripe Subscription plugin for Moodle
Stripe Subscription plugin for Moodle

Offer Free Trial Subscription using Stripe subscription Moodle plugin

Offering Trial subscription is now at your finger tips. If you turn it on, your potentials students can try out your courses without paying anything. If he/she cancels the subscription during this period, his/her card won’t be charged.


Stripe Subscription plugin for Moodle
Stripe Subscription plugin for Moodle

Cancel subscription any time from Subscription status page

Now Admin can check all the Subscriber and the subscription details in that page users can also see their active subscription details. They can cancel their subscription too from this page created by Stripe Subscription Moodle plugin.

Complience with the EU Revised Directive on Payment Services

Now keep your worries aside while getting paid in or from Europe. Stripe Subscription plugin for Moodle is compliant with the EU Revised Directive on Payment services.

RTL Ready Out Of The Box

Using a language that uses RTL script? We got you covered there. Stripe Subscription plugin for Moodle is RTL ready out of the box!

SCA ready using Payment intent Method

Stripe Subscription Moodle plugin provides 5 layer of internal checking for the security while the payment is processed giving you the most secure Payment processing confidence ever.

Multi Language Compatibility

Language can not be a barrier in Education. So we implemented all that is needed to make Stripe Subscription Moodle Plugin compatible with every language.

Compatible with all Stable versions of Moodle

Don’t get stress over thought of the Stripe Subscription Moodle plugin being incompatible with your Moodle version because it simply works with every stable version of Moodle

Offer promo code to your Students

 You can now offer unlimited promo codes to your students. You will have control to create  coupons:

  • Apply to every invoice, just one invoice, or for a certain length of time
  • Reduce invoices by a percentage or a flat amount
  • Apply to every subscription a customer has or only specific ones

Keep track of all promotional code directly from Stripe Dashboard

Now keep track of all the coupon codes created by you easily directly on your Stripe dashboard.

Latest Stripe SDK

We have used latest Stripe SDK for the best and refined Stripe Payment experience. 

Product link: https://digital-tricksters.com/stripe-subscription/

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